High School Doesn’t Have to Be Painful. Here’s the Secret.

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November 7, 2017

High School Doesn’t Have to Be Painful. Here’s the Secret.

Sometimes, high school can feel like a ball and chain around your ankle. It’s four years of sitting in the same building and “learning” about the real world, yet waiting to actually experience it.

A high school diploma is an important thing to have — but there’s a much better way to earn it than you think.

Consider Studying High School Online

Online learning can get an unfair rep. Your friends might talk about how it could hurt your chances of getting into university, or you might think it’ll be hard to get everything done without the guidance of a teacher, but not all online schools are like that.

Some, like Blyth Academy Online (BAO), actually increase your chances of getting into university (case in point: over 98% of Blyth Academy students are accepted into the university/college of their choice).

“I go to McMaster now, and almost all of my courses have an online component.”
— Mali Tse, Blyth Academy ‘16 Grad

And if you think students are left to figure it out on their own, think again. BAO students automatically get access to the same teachers, guidance counsellors, and even extra-curriculars that Blyth Academy brick-and-mortar students do.

We caught up with three students, each of whom took credits online, to discover what’s possible when you have more freedom and time outside of the classroom. We’re also giving away three free credits to Blyth Academy Online courses, so our members can see the benefits for themselves.

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